The Pinterest Boards should have links to all course texbooks, class demonstrations, etc.

Story Boards

Go here and here to view an example of a storyboard. Go here to download a template for making them, or else you can create your own. For Wednesday, create a small storyboard for your final project. Type out what you plan to say or do in descriptions underneath. We will upload these for critique on Wednesday at the top of the hour.


Check out some great examples of Motion Graphics here, here, and here.

Some examples of work from former students in the Motion Graphics Class can be found here.

The History of the Wilhelm Scream is a very funny compilation of the sound editor’s homage.
The History of the Wilhelm Scream Part 2 is an indepth look at this amusing phenomenon.

Read MAKING MUSIC WITH APPLE LOOPS and Music Structure from How to do Everthing with Garageband.

Watch the School of Visual Arts Motion Graphics Class invitation and final reel.
Some good information on PSA’s here.
Get ideas from the PSA Resource Center.

Get Goodies 1  for in class demonstrations using tif and illustrator files.

Get Goodies 2  for in class demonstrations using movies.

Sound and Animation

Kenstone has a great layman’s tutorial for LEARNING HOW TO DO 12 BAR BLUESfor the non-musician.

Read here about Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to 3D Computer Animation and also a good link at wikipedia.
This is a wonderful article with examples of classic animation techniques.

Miscellaneous Tutorials

Tutorials for Animating a Signature in AE can be found here.

Here are some Compositions demonstrating the Stroke effect and Cinema 4D integration.

DVD for Designers -An introduction to the basics of the medium
DVD Studio Pro 2: Highlights and Overlays
Delaying Button Highlights in DVD Studio Pro 3
Read Ken Stone’s tutorial on Authoring with DVD Studio Pro 2 – Basic Mode.

After Effects Tutorials

Video Copilot has some of the best AE tutorials around.
Depending on your pain threshold- you might want to check out the tutorials you will find at Creative Cow. Bill O’Neil has a great portfolio site here. AE Portal and stevengotz, or here have an extensive list of links to AE tutorials. The Adobe Studio Exchange is a great place to find plug-ins, tutorials and more.
Here is that write-on tutorial we did in class. The Anvil gives away some great ae project files here. Also the Flock of Birds Tutorial, Part 1 and Part 2 and the Shatter Effect tutorials we did from Creative Cow. Here is some green screen footage from colbert challenge you can play with. Try Keying out this footage. Here is some more Green Screen Footage you can play with.

95 ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS tutorials here.

HandBrake is a GREAT mac program for CONVERTING your DVD files back into a Quicktime Movie. You can then import into After Effects or Quicktime Pro to re-edit it if neccessary. Get the Handbook/Tutorial here. YOU WILL WANT THIS FREEWARE PROGRAM.

Other Software

MacTheRipper is a great program for, well, ripping DVD’s to make copies- NOT to be used for duplicating commercially protected copies of course. Please rip, but do not rip off. This creates the neccessary VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS FOLDERS for creating new dvd’s using software such as Toast. You can NOT go back and edit these files or do anything else with them except copy (rip) the original DVD files for copying exact duplicates.

Morphing Software

Here are some Morphing software for the mac. Try MorphX for system 10.
Try this software you can find here for morphing.

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