Neighborhood Yoga Memberships

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Neighborhood Yoga Memberships, available April 1st

If you are wondering what might be the best option for you, stop by the desk and we can go over it in person, but here are the  basic changes and advantages of choosing membership. . . .

For the price of $65, you used to get 5 classes, but now, with a monthly “Peaceful Warrior” membership, you can take 8 classes a month for the same $65.  That’s just $8.15 per class.  And even if you can’t get to all 8 classes some months, you’ve only paid for 5 classes, based on our current prices.

We’ll also have an unlimited “Lotus” membership. This membership will allow you to take one class a day, for 30 days, much as before, but the price is lowered to $99 instead of $108. That’s just $3.30/class if you come every day, and even if you only come 15 times in a month, it’s only $6.60/class.  Basically, if you are going to do 10 or more classes a month, the Lotus membership is the way to go!

There is a $25 enrollment fee for the initial membership set-up.  With memberships, in addition to yoga classes, you receive a Neighborhood Yoga t-shirt for enrolling, you’ll be able to bring a friend (new to the studio) for $5 any time, which enters you into a monthly drawing for a free $25 gift certificate, AND you can store your mat at the studio!

And for anyone purchasing a membership during the 1st two weeks of April, you’ll get a jump on our Spring Sale at the Lotus Garden, with 50% off on all clothing through April. This discount will be available to everyone from April 15-30, but new members only from April 1-15th.